Stylish Loafers

Hello menswear inspired pumps!! This is one trend for this season that I am latching on to, and will be purchasing my very own pair of oxford pumps asap. Tassel, no tassel, penny, neon colors, I can’t decide which one I want more. And, designers and brands of all different price points have some type of option for an oxford pump.

Paired with a skirt and chunky sweater or feminine dress you can wear these with almost anything. I’m dying over #5 (the Alexander Wang’s) but thinking of purchasing either #1 or 7…or both. Which one is your favorite?

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven

  1. They are all completely delicious!! I love number 10, but I want them to be about twice as tall. 🙂 You should buy #1- you can completely pull of the color pop and that platform is fantastic. Great compilation!!

  2. I’m so glad you all like them and I’m not the only one thinking that they are so fab!

    Micah- I’m leaning toward #1 too because I’m not sure how comfortable Zara shoes are, I’ve never owned a pair. BUT, I love the blue. I seriously might have to get both!

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