DIY: Hex Nut Bracelet

I finally had the chance this weekend to make the DIY bracelet I’ve been talking about for weeks, and I had to share my experience with you all! You can get the full details and directions on how to make this bracelet here.

Image from

All you need is twine and hex nuts… I used 18 gold 8-32 (whatever that means) hex huts from Lowes and some twine from Hobby Lobby. I tried it with some thinner twine originally and it didn’t hold the hex nuts right so I ended up using something thicker. I think the whole thing cost around $11!
I taped my bracelet down before I braided it, and I think that helped with dealing with it. You really need patience to do this…I think I did 2 before it finally started working and I figured out how to do it right. BUT, once you figure it out, you got it from there!
There’s my final product! My only problem is figuring out how to tie it. It looked like the ladies over at wrapped it a few times then tied it, but I usually don’t have someone around to tie a bracelet for me. I ended up making a knot on one side and loop on the other, but have had problems with the knot staying in the loop when I wear it. If any of you have ideas, please let me know!

All in all, I think it came out pretty cool…and cheap! I want to try it with different colors and get creative with it. Do any of you have any great DIY’s that you’ve tried?… I’m getting the itch to start making my own accessories!


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