My Shopping List

I’ve been doing a lot of perusing and browsing lately…which only means that my shopping list is adding up. (And no, this is not a grocery shopping list, which one might think of when thinking of shopping lists…It’s a fashion list!) It has been sitting on a notepad on my desk, so I decided to make it visual and share it with yall.

What kind of things do yall have on your fall shopping lists?

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  1. You have such great taste, Robyn. I love all of these items! On my list: bordeaux-colored skinnies, giant scarves, and some type of attractive, yet casual flat shoe. I love my heels, but I do need to be casual sometimes- you know? Do you think I should go the Chucks, Sperry, or TOMS route for maximum adorability? I’ve also seen Eastland rearing it’s head lately…are these coming back? I like that I’ve turned this into a fashion advice request. I just feel like you probably have the answers! πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you Micah! You’re inspiring a blog post with your questions! I know what you mean about needing flats, I love my heels but still want to look good when I’m casual. But how casual are you talking about? If your talking about super casual, like running to the grocery store, I would say chucks or TOMS. I’m not a fan of sperry’s, mostly because my time at Texas State made me hate seeing them everywhere!

    When I’m running errands or just having a day where I don’t need to be dressed up, I love ballet flats. I have them in nude, cheetah, black…basically almost every color. I really love a simple style I have that are Steve Madden and I want to say they are like $60 a pair, which is why I have so many colors. Also, J.Crew has some great flats and Cole Haan’s flats with Nike Air are super comfortable. Right now I am also really digging the flat loafter…I think with cropped pants and a flowy blouse you are comfortable and still chick. (Like these - Also, since it is getting cooler now, you could do a flat riding boot. Throw it on with dark jeans, a t shirt, chunky scarf, and some BonBon’s (duh!), and you’re good to go!

    I hope my novel helped you! πŸ™‚ I’m going to start working on a blog later today with more ideas of chic flat and comfort shoe options. I’ll let you know when it’s up!

  3. Jess LC said:

    Aw, thanks so much for sharing our Jess LC iPad case : )!!

    Have a great weekend!

    (I love that pink clutch!)

  4. Your very welcome, I just can’t decide which color to get! I love all of the options. You have a good weekend too!

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