You may have noticed my tweets yesterday morning about the endless amount of distractions I find on Monday mornings from my favorite blogs and pinterest. I hopped over to look at and found the distraction of the day: street style from Paris Fashion Week. I know fashion week was a while back, but it’s never to late to pull some inspiration from all of the beautiful images that captured the scene in Paris.

All images from here.

  1. Roxy said:

    I love watching the evolution of shoes in fashion. I remember a few years ago when designers began to make the soles of stilettos bright red for the pop, and now it seems there’s a new focus on both the shape and design of the heel. I recall on one of your previous posts you had a photo of a girl with a studded heel, and I recalled seeing several other photos from I-don’t-even-know-where in the past several weeks with similar elaborately decked heels. Here is just a couple I could pull up (I wish we could post photo comments lol) :

    Missoni Spring 2011/2012 –
    On the Street, Paris 10/2011 –


  2. I love those Missoni’s you found. It’s so neat how the style is always changing…and right now, I think the more unique the shoe is, the more popular it is!

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