BonBon by Micah Yancey – Holiday Collection

I’ve been in love with the jewels carried in the BonBon by Micah Yancey line since I first laid my eyes on them, so you can imagine my excitement when I learned that she was releasing a Holiday collection this year! The collection features rich, vivid, and soft hued gemstones paired with contrasting colors and unique shapes that are sure to catch your attention!

I am crazy about the different greens used in this collection! (I even think Micah’s favorite from the collection is one of my faves too.) I love this color during the fall season and it is a great way to add a special and sometimes unexpected color pop to an outfit. Every woman needs a piece of jewelry this color!

Micah does not always do a holiday collection, but was inspired this year by the many different hues of the winter season. What is she obsessed with right now? The royal blue and cognac combination, which I so happen to adore!

I think Micah has a great eye for color and settings that makes her jewelry so unique and beautiful. Every piece is handmade in her home studio, and you can see her passion come through in her work. Obviously, she’s a pretty cool lady.

Micah just announced this week that BonBon is collaborating with clothing line 81 Poppies for her Spring 2012 collection. You ladies need to check out this collection come spring, because the styles are incredibly fun and will make you crave a day at the beach! Plus, how cool is it to see Austin designers doing collabs?

It’s clear how obsessed I am with these beauties, and the Holiday collection is just another reason to add on to that. If you want to get your hands on them, they will be available for purchase November 15th on Micah’s online store!


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