Outfit of the Day

Last week I asked my readers if I should start doing outfit posts, and the consensus was yes, so ladies, I will now start posting pictures of some of the outfits I wear in my day to day life. But, before I share I want you to know some things about me:

One, I am an average girl with an average life. I don’t have a fabulous wardrobe filled with the highest end designer brands, but I still think my closet is pretty cool. I am quite the bargain shopper (you’ll see), and if you stick with me I will teach you a thing or two about getting a steal on a piece of clothing!

Two, I don’t always dress up. Some days I can walk in 5 inch heels for 8 hours, some days I can barely walk in flats. I will share both with you, because the notion of always being dressed up is bazaar.

Three, I live in Texas. Central Texas. And I struggle with what to wear because only a Texas girl can understand the problems with wanting to dress for fall in 85 degree weather in November. (Okay, maybe you Florida girls can relate.)

Four, I am posting outfit posts because I want to collaborate and have girl time with you ladies on what you like, don’t like, what you wore, how you wore it, ideas for how to wear things, things like that! I can’t wait to share my style ideas with you and also see yours! I will try my best to link to the items I own online, but if I can’t find it then I can’t link to it. Also, I will find a better place to take pictures, I was just so excited to start sharing!


Here’s my first outfit for yall…

Gap top (Snagged that baby for $8 at Gap last weekend!), Joe’s Jeans (similar), J. Crew Factory belt
Vintage necklace from my grandma, Michael Kors watch and Uptown Astor bag (similar)

I’m really no pro at having my pictures taken…I promise I’ll try to get better. We took these in my back yard, and I am going to find somewhere cool to take them in the near future. Those were really the only ones that weren’t too embarrassing…the rest looked like the one below.

PS – I like the Gap! I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love this weekend and there was a huge Gap dis from Noah Calhoun. (Yes, I know his name isn’t Noah in this movie, but I don’t care.) Regardless of what sexy Ryan Gosling/Noah Calhoun says, I think the Gap has cool, wearable, affordable clothing!

  1. Hi Robyn, I think your pics are great…I especially like the last one!:) Love the shirt…$8? Wow!

    • Thank you! Yes, I couldn’t believe it when I went to pay!

  2. I love your gap top 🙂 I agree, gap has some cool clothing.

  3. Thank you ladies! This was my first pair of Joe’s and I really like them!

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