Leather and Tweed

What do you wear with a leather skirt and still look appropriate…and by appropriate I mean not so much like a rock star. Have any of you ever contemplated this? Well obviously you know my answer is a tweed jacket. I love combining different styles and throwing in unexpected things to an outfit.

J. Crew Factory Sweater (similar) + Jacket, BCBG skirt (similar), Michael Kors Jillian Pump + watch, Kendra Scott ring.

I purchased this skirt at the end of summer and hadn’t worn it yet. I had imagined waiting to wear it with black tights because it is a mini skirt, but decided to bare my legs and go with out tights. I always follow this rule when dressing: choose one part of your body to show off. If you’re showing your legs then cover up your chest/arms. If your showing off your shoulders/back, cover up your legs. Get it? Also, I will start fixing my hair for you, I promise.

Do any of you own a leather piece of clothing? How do you wear it?

  1. Lindsey McDonald said:

    Robyn, You are the best! I have always wanted to try something new, but have always been afraid to try something leather due to not knowing what to wear with it. This only gives me some direction when the day comes.

  2. Doreen said:

    This outfit really looks good on you. I love the color combination.

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