Giveaway: Get Your Tan On

Although I am so happy that it is finally starting to feel like winter in Austin, there is one big downfall! My summer tan has faded and I am now pale and just simply, not cute. But what’s a girl to do late November when a beach vacation is nowhere in sight? I don’t want to sit in a tanning bed for 30 minutes every day, and I don’t want to stand in a machine and turn into an oompa loompa. Here’s the answer: Organic Spray Tanning.

There’s a brand new company in Austin called NaturalGlo Organic Spray Tanning, and this is the answer to my pale problems. It is the only company in Austin to use Spray Tan LA products, which are 100% organic and safe for all skin types. It is also mobile, which means Patti, the owner, will come to you or you can go to her! On Tuesday I was lucky enough to get my own organic spray tan, and I am really loving how the color turned out. Check out some pics below.

This was my first time getting a tan done by a person as opposed to a machine, and it was so much better. Patti was around to answer any questions I had, and she really walked me through the process and made me feel comfortable both before, during, and after my tan. When I woke up the next morning and showered, the color was natural and beautiful. You could tell I was darker, but it wasn’t so bold to where everyone knew I had a fake tan going on. After getting sprayed by Patti, I’ll never use a machine again.


And guess what m’dears? I have a special giveaway for you! NaturalGlo Organic Spray Tanning is giving away the following:

1 Spray Tan (Valued at $45)
1 bottle of Neova Purifying Cleanser (Valued at $35)
1 bottle of Neova Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser (Valued at $45)

How can you win? Simply do the following…

First – Leave me a comment and tell me what items you want to be entered into the giveaway for. (Spray tan, face wash, face exfoliator or all of them!) You have to do this to be entered.

Then, do each of the following for extra entries into the giveaway –
1. Hop on over to NaturalGlo Organic Spray Tanning’s Facebook page and give them a “like”
2. Follow @natural_glo and @robyngrona on twitter

For each one you do, your name will be entered, so you have the chance to be entered into the giveaway 4 times! We will select the winners next week, on December 9th!

  1. maxinepepper83 said:

    This sounds like a great product. Can you please enter me into the drawing for the Cleansers. I do not live in the Austin area and love your blog.

  2. I have known Patti for a long time. She is extremely professional, detailed and fun! I will go to Patti whenever I am in Austin and need some color. I highly recommend her for your tanning needs.

  3. Kelyn Mock said:

    I want to be entered in all three! Love you blog Robyn!

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