Winter Skincare

Here in Austin winter has finally hit, and I am feeling the effects of the change in weather on my skin. I used to think that I could keep the same skincare regimen year round, but have lately realized that I have to change it up when I am in a dryer, cooler environment. I wanted to share with you some tips to keeping your skin moisturized in the winter months. Now, I am no beauty professional, but I am a beauty junkie, so take what you will from the tips below!

1. Change up your facial cleanser, and make sure it isn’t drying you out. If your skin feels dry after you wash it, it’s no good.
2. Exfoliate about once a week. I don’t know the science behind why this works, but it works for me!
3. Don’t forget about your lips. Use lots of chap-stick! They need moisture too.
4. I like to use a thicker, creamier moisturizer in the winter more than the light ones I use in the summer. I love my Korres all day moisturizer.
4. Hydrate yourself. What you put in your body shows on your skin, and if you’re only fueling up on coffee and peppermint mochas, your skin will show that! Drink lots of water. Eat good skin foods like cucumbers, avocados, cabbage, celery, bell peppers, and dark greens. (keep the veggies raw & uncooked, you’ll get the most from them that way)
5. Try not to take steaming hot showers. This is extremely tough for me, but it will help.
6. Dry hands you have? I carry Ahava’s mineral hand cream with me all the time, and use it throughout the day. I love that stuff.

I also asked for suggestions on twitter and facebook for how my friends keep moisturized & I wanted to share the feedback I got with you –

1. Applying moisturizer (I use Murad) right after washing my face (when it’s still damp). -Micah
2. There is something floating round pinterest that people swear is the best and it is baby lotion, vitamin e lotion, and Vaseline mixed together. – Shannon
3. Anything Shea from L’occitane. -Madelyn
4. Ole Henriksen Three little wonders. -Jacob
5. Grapeseed oil when skin is still wet and Weleda products. -Jennifer
6. Use a heavier cream at night, and a lighter one with spf for during the day. -Vanessa
7. Stay hydrated! It’s tougher in the winter to continue drinking lots of water but, it helps! -@racherna

How do you keep your skin hydrated in the cold months? I would love to hear more tips from you!

**Image from here.


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