Nail Color of the Week

It’s been a while since I’ve shown a new nail color of the week, but I can explain. My last decent manicure was a gel nail color, and after that I used a clear polish for a few weeks so my nails could breathe. Then I moved and if yall would have seen my nails during that process you would have probably never taken me seriously ever again because they were horrendous. Well, you’ll be happy to know I finally have a color worth showing you!

This color is OPI’s Axxium soak off gel polish – Bastille my Heart. It may look similar to my last gel mani, but it’s not. This color has some pink in it, and ends up looking like a dark, pinky, red (if that makes since). There was a little mix up at the salon and I am pretty sure they had the wrong lids on the polishes because the one I chose was a deep, deep burgundy, and well, the finished product was nothing close to what was on the lid. But it was ok because I ended up loving this color.

By the way, the other day I spotted this glitter pink Essie nail polish and the little girl inside of me had to have it. I plan on using that color for new years & I can not wait to show you!

What color do you ladies have on your nails now?


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