Colors + Cars

Have any of you ever heard of the Cadillac Ranch? It’s basically a few old cars buried in the ground where people stop and spray paint them for art. If you’ve ever been once, then you really don’t need to stop again, but it makes for cool pictures…

Old Navy orange top + pink top, Michael Kors jeans (similar), Calvin Klein leather jacket (similar), Cole Haan wristlet, J.Crew Factory necklace (really old)

Want to know a little fact about me? When I lived in Amarillo (long time ago) my dad and grandpa farmed the land out here on the Cadillac Ranch. We used to spend some summer days out here and see all of the tourists coming to check this place out. Most people don’t believe my younger days were spent growing up on a farm but yes, it is true. My trip in Amarillo is coming to an end and although I am ready to head back to Austin I am really going to miss those endless sunsets where there is nothing but a windmill in the horizon.

  1. That’s so strange….cars buried in the ground. You on the other hand, look fantastic in your colorful outfit!

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