It’s been awhile since I have shared my nail color on the blog, mostly because I have been doing re do’s of colors and get manicures, but this weekend I painted them a new color I have been trying to find for months (ok, maybe not months, possibly weeks). I spotted this color on The Glamourai weeks ago, and I’m not sure if it’s the exact one, but I still love it.

This is Essie’s ‘Going Incognito’ and I really love it. Plus, I think green toned nails are going to be a big trend this upcoming spring season.

What color do you have on your nails right now?


It’s been a while since I’ve shown a new nail color of the week, but I can explain. My last decent manicure was a gel nail color, and after that I used a clear polish for a few weeks so my nails could breathe. Then I moved and if yall would have seen my nails during that process you would have probably never taken me seriously ever again because they were horrendous. Well, you’ll be happy to know I finally have a color worth showing you!

This color is OPI’s Axxium soak off gel polish – Bastille my Heart. It may look similar to my last gel mani, but it’s not. This color has some pink in it, and ends up looking like a dark, pinky, red (if that makes since). There was a little mix up at the salon and I am pretty sure they had the wrong lids on the polishes because the one I chose was a deep, deep burgundy, and well, the finished product was nothing close to what was on the lid. But it was ok because I ended up loving this color.

By the way, the other day I spotted this glitter pink Essie nail polish and the little girl inside of me had to have it. I plan on using that color for new years & I can not wait to show you!

What color do you ladies have on your nails now?

Here in Austin winter has finally hit, and I am feeling the effects of the change in weather on my skin. I used to think that I could keep the same skincare regimen year round, but have lately realized that I have to change it up when I am in a dryer, cooler environment. I wanted to share with you some tips to keeping your skin moisturized in the winter months. Now, I am no beauty professional, but I am a beauty junkie, so take what you will from the tips below!

1. Change up your facial cleanser, and make sure it isn’t drying you out. If your skin feels dry after you wash it, it’s no good.
2. Exfoliate about once a week. I don’t know the science behind why this works, but it works for me!
3. Don’t forget about your lips. Use lots of chap-stick! They need moisture too.
4. I like to use a thicker, creamier moisturizer in the winter more than the light ones I use in the summer. I love my Korres all day moisturizer.
4. Hydrate yourself. What you put in your body shows on your skin, and if you’re only fueling up on coffee and peppermint mochas, your skin will show that! Drink lots of water. Eat good skin foods like cucumbers, avocados, cabbage, celery, bell peppers, and dark greens. (keep the veggies raw & uncooked, you’ll get the most from them that way)
5. Try not to take steaming hot showers. This is extremely tough for me, but it will help.
6. Dry hands you have? I carry Ahava’s mineral hand cream with me all the time, and use it throughout the day. I love that stuff.

I also asked for suggestions on twitter and facebook for how my friends keep moisturized & I wanted to share the feedback I got with you –

1. Applying moisturizer (I use Murad) right after washing my face (when it’s still damp). -Micah
2. There is something floating round pinterest that people swear is the best and it is baby lotion, vitamin e lotion, and Vaseline mixed together. – Shannon
3. Anything Shea from L’occitane. -Madelyn
4. Ole Henriksen Three little wonders. -Jacob
5. Grapeseed oil when skin is still wet and Weleda products. -Jennifer
6. Use a heavier cream at night, and a lighter one with spf for during the day. -Vanessa
7. Stay hydrated! It’s tougher in the winter to continue drinking lots of water but, it helps! -@racherna

How do you keep your skin hydrated in the cold months? I would love to hear more tips from you!

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I wanted to remind all of the readers of the awesome giveaway I have going on right now with NaturalGlo Organic Spray tanning. Read further below for all the deets on how you can win some free goodies. I mean, who doesn’t love free (and good) beauty products?

You may have seen my post about the spray tan session I had last week, and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was with it. The owner, Patti made me feel so comfortable during my session, and the color came out so natural. Also, the skincare products from Neova are amazing. If you are dealing with breakouts, I highly recommend the cleanser, which is made of purifying tea tree, sage, thyme and eucalyptus oils. I’ve been using the exfoliating cleanser and I love it!

Lucky for you, you can win one of the three following products!

1 Organic Spray Tan (Valued at $45)
1 bottle of Neova Purifying Cleanser (Valued at $35)
1 bottle of Neova Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser (Valued at $45)

It’s super easy to enter into the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment here and let me know what items you want! (You do not have to live in Austin to enter, I will ship you the skincare if you are out of town!)

If you want to have more entries into the giveaway, you can also do the following:

– Go over to NaturalGlo Organic Spray Tanning’s Facebook page and “like” them
– Follow @natural_glo and @robyngrona on twitter

The giveaway ends this Friday night!

Although I am so happy that it is finally starting to feel like winter in Austin, there is one big downfall! My summer tan has faded and I am now pale and just simply, not cute. But what’s a girl to do late November when a beach vacation is nowhere in sight? I don’t want to sit in a tanning bed for 30 minutes every day, and I don’t want to stand in a machine and turn into an oompa loompa. Here’s the answer: Organic Spray Tanning.

There’s a brand new company in Austin called NaturalGlo Organic Spray Tanning, and this is the answer to my pale problems. It is the only company in Austin to use Spray Tan LA products, which are 100% organic and safe for all skin types. It is also mobile, which means Patti, the owner, will come to you or you can go to her! On Tuesday I was lucky enough to get my own organic spray tan, and I am really loving how the color turned out. Check out some pics below.

This was my first time getting a tan done by a person as opposed to a machine, and it was so much better. Patti was around to answer any questions I had, and she really walked me through the process and made me feel comfortable both before, during, and after my tan. When I woke up the next morning and showered, the color was natural and beautiful. You could tell I was darker, but it wasn’t so bold to where everyone knew I had a fake tan going on. After getting sprayed by Patti, I’ll never use a machine again.


And guess what m’dears? I have a special giveaway for you! NaturalGlo Organic Spray Tanning is giving away the following:

1 Spray Tan (Valued at $45)
1 bottle of Neova Purifying Cleanser (Valued at $35)
1 bottle of Neova Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser (Valued at $45)

How can you win? Simply do the following…

First – Leave me a comment and tell me what items you want to be entered into the giveaway for. (Spray tan, face wash, face exfoliator or all of them!) You have to do this to be entered.

Then, do each of the following for extra entries into the giveaway –
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For each one you do, your name will be entered, so you have the chance to be entered into the giveaway 4 times! We will select the winners next week, on December 9th!

Despite being upset with my last gel nail manicure, I surprisingly had another one done last weekend. I am really liking it better this time though, I haven’t had chips or problems and it’s been a week…so we’ll see how next week goes! This color is OPI’s Axxium soak off gel polish – chick flick cherry.

Do any of you get gel nails or shellac done? I read the other day that even though they are “supposed” to last 3 weeks, the max you need to leave them on is 2, to keep your nails healthy.
I like wearing bold tones with this red to make it stand out more. I took this picture the other day when I was wearing an Ann Taylor top and J Crew cheetah belt.

Okay lovelies, I have a question for all of my readers. I am looking into bringing more to my blog and have been thinking of doing outfit posts. Is this something yall would like to see? I’ve been holding back doing it, but recently had dinner with friends and they all thought it was a great idea? What are your thoughts? Yay or nay? Let me know what you think in a comment or tweet me (@robyngrona)!

You may have noticed my tweets yesterday morning about the endless amount of distractions I find on Monday mornings from my favorite blogs and pinterest. I hopped over to look at and found the distraction of the day: street style from Paris Fashion Week. I know fashion week was a while back, but it’s never to late to pull some inspiration from all of the beautiful images that captured the scene in Paris.

All images from here.