I’ve been Instagraming it up lately (@robyngrona) and wanted to share some of my pictures with you. Are you on Instagram? Leave me a comment with your user name and I will follow you!

From the top left – I spent last weekend trying to organize my closet by colors and styles. Now I just have to figure out how to organize my shoes. Speaking of shoes, I ordered those lovelies from Zara earlier in the week and got them in the mail last night…they are just as cute on! I also worked on putting my desk together and changing up my room a little. I am loving my new bedding from Pottery Barn. The bottom middle picture is a fun top I got on sale with those Zara shoes. And I am participating the February photo a day challenge…so far I’ve stayed on top of it, but it’s only the 3rd day of February.

*All photos taken on Instagram


I was flipping through the pages of the latest Vogue the other day and couldn’t help but admire all of the new spring ads. I really enjoy looking at all of the advertisements (maybe not all, mostly the ones in the beginning) in magazines because of all of the creativity that is used to come up with the concepts behind the image. I also love when a brand does a full circle and uses the same concept from a runway show to the advertising used months later. For instance, Louis Vuitton had that extremely fun and playful carousel set for the debut of their spring collection, and the advertising continues with that same aesthetic.

Do you guys have a favorite ad of the season? It’s hard for me to just pick one!

I’ve been finding lately that I’ve been craving the colors of spring and spring fashion. Last weekend after trying on this pair of J.Crew pants (number 5), I decided that I am all about mint. What’s not to love about this color? It’s cool, calm, and refreshing, and it is just screaming summer days full of sunshine and fun. Throw in some mint chocolate chip ice cream and I am a happy girl.

What spring trends are you ready to start adding to your February outfits? Anything else I should be on the lookout for?

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven

Happy Saturday! Isn’t this pile of shoes from Oscar de la Renta dreamy? There’s not a pair in there that I wouldn’t mind owning. Organizing my closet is on my to do list for some point this weekend, it’s starting to look like this shoe pile (just with a lot less Oscar). What are y’all doing this weekend? If catching up on blogs and internet time is on your to do list, then check out some of my favorite reads from the week…and please share yours with me! My favorite reads + outfits from the week:

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– Made this yummy smoothie yesterday morning
– Great tips for fashion blogging
– Karlie Kloss for Oscar de la Renta – love!
– I’ve been stuck on pinterest for a few days 

Image from here.

I went on a little outing Monday with a friend, and the weather was absolutely perfect for a day of strolling outside. I picked up some stones for my next DIY, and did some shopping, making it a great Monday. I’m still fighting spring so I wore my favorite boots and had to throw in some color in my outfit…

J Crew Skirt, Loft Sweater, Madewell Bag + Boots, Michael Kors Watch, Ray Ban Sunglasses, BonBon by Micah Yancey Earrings, Nail Color – OPI Red

What kind of things do you wear when the weather is transitional? Are yall already busting out the spring gear?

It’s probably no surprise to anyone how obsessed I am with jewelry, but these pieces are on an entirely new level. It first started when I stumbled across some amazing images on The Glamourai’s blog featuring featuring clothing + jewelry from Kelly Wearstler (talk about a killer collaboration). The large cuffs with the most beautiful stones caught my eye, and had me scouring the web for other similar jewelry. One stop at Net-A-Porter, and I realized that jewelry with natural stones still in the original form are definitely going to be big this season… and a must have on my shopping list. Below are some of my favorites.

All of these are from Net-A-Porter, with the exception of one I had to throw in there from Target that is on sale and wonderfully priced. Can you guess which one it is? Also, I would do just about anything for that #2 clutch, but it is sadly out of my budget. I am going to try to find a way to DIY something similar, and if I can do it (and it look good), I will definitely share it with you!


I recently moved a few months ago and obviously, moving means you get to re-decorate, right? At least that’s what I would like to do. Lately I have been scouring the web for inspiration on what do with my room. Here’s the problem: In the past I have been drawn to cozy and comfortable designs. I like the Pottery Barn look, lots of textures, warm colors and patterns. But, lately I have been drawn to rooms that look like the images above. Neutrals with fun and glamorous accents. So, what do you ladies think? Do you change your interiors immediately when you start gravitating towards a new design, or do you let it sit for a few months before you start buying new things? I’ll be sure to keep yall up to date with what I decide to do…

Images from above – 1, 2, 3, 4